Friday, July 21, 2006

Too Hot To Post

Just spent fifteen minutes following ball which Sylvia rolled down the driveway. Gotta love hilly neighborhoods.

Yesterday marked the 50 thrash bags milestone in my basement quest. I was going to post pictures today, but it will have to wait, it's just too darned hot to think. And I am going to have visitors for a new outdoors cooking session this afternoon (woohoo!!!) so want to do some cleanup before they are here.

Today is Jane's birthday. She has a friend over, and they seem to be sleeping in. Might have something to do with the fact that they were still awake at 12:30am last night when I went to bed 'It is Jane's birthday now, we are having a PARTY!!!' And yes, this means yet another shopping expedition in the making.

Off to make tea.


Kim said...

Happy Birthday Jane!!! Enjoy your day!

Your outdoor cooking session sounds fun. I hope you share with us about it afterwards.

I love reading about the huge basement job. Michelle and I started our's a few weeks ago. It still has a loooong way to go. So when you're done there, I know a great spot in Central NY you can vacation to. ;o)

txmommy said...

happy birthday Jane

Annelies said...

Gefeliciteerd Jane!