Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mama, You are Going to Be Very Angry!

Kate: 'Mama! You are going to be very very angry!'
Me: 'Hmmmm?'
Kate: 'I saw the groundhog!!!!'
Me: 'What?????!!!!! Did you kill it????'
Kate: 'No, it was really cute!'
Me: 'Groundhogs are NOT cute. Maybe it wasn't a groundhog, maybe it was a squirrel.'
Kate: 'It looked like a groundhog, it was brown, not gray.'
Me: 'Maybe it was a brown squirrel.'
Kate: 'It walked like a groundhog, on four legs.'
Me: 'Well, in that case, kill it next time you see it!'
Kate: 'I won't! It was so cute!'



min said...

lovely kid
:-) interesting conversation

harri saptadi said...

offer her a sniffy (dog) puppy, as the bounty prize for MamaHog&Kids.
she will hunt them for reward. ^_^

Annelies said...

Hahahaha... wat een geweldig kind! Wat had je trouwens gedaan als ze met een dood en bloederig lijkje naar binnen gestapt was??