Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It Can't Have Been Eight Years!

Our neighbors are moving out, and today, we met the new neighbors. Nice people, they have kids (which is what my kids had been worried about) They asked me how long we had been here, and I told them eight years. Kate was taking it all in, and a few minutes later told me 'Mom! It can't have been eight years! I am 7yo, Erik is 5, and Sylvia is 2, so it should be at least 14 years, since we all have been born here.'

We lost power twice today, no thunder storms either. No idea what they have been doing. But I was forced to go outside and study go instead of clean out the basement. Too bad ^^

Going to make another dump run soon.


Annelies said...

Wat een slimpie, die Kate! Zoiets zouden ze bij mij ook kunnen bedenken.

Heleen said...

Leuk. Zo hebben wij er ook een van toen Evelien 7 was: Evelien vroeg hoe ver het nog was, wij zeiden 'niet zo ver een half uur, drie kwartier'. Vervolgens het antwoord: 'Vijf kwartier nog, dat is hartstikke lang dus'.