Friday, July 14, 2006

Eight More Bags Gone!

Never to be seen again. This brings total to 23 bags and $8, not bad. Cees went with me to the dump, he was disappointed not to see a HUGE mountain of thrash. Instead those were just boring big containers to throw in our thrash.

So hot today! Someone summarized summer so far as three feet of rain and three feet of sweat. Sounds about right.


rachel said...

wow. i'm incredibly impressed with what you're doing. i'm almost inspired, but with the construction, i've already lost all storage space.

And you can tell Cees that my mom's dump has a big pit you dump trash in, and then it is compacted. v v v cool to watch.

Wendy said...

Keep driving down that entrance road. You'll see the huge piles of trash in all of it's disposable-society glory...