Saturday, July 22, 2006

Blast From the Past

Reading Chris's post about her baby's misadventures with a poopy diaper this morning, made me travel back in the past and recall this day. I had only two kids, and was trying to get pregnant with number three. Life sure was messy back then.

This was posted to in July 1995.

What a day!

This was just one of those days. Cees (3yo) has had chicken pox since last Wednesday and is recovering from it now. He still has a low fever and gets new spots, but his energy is definitely back. He also wants to go out the whole time and is very disappointed that we don't want to do that :-)

Today they were both kind of crazy, lots of excess energy I suppose. Timmy (23mo) was climbing and running and acting silly the whole time and Cees was only marginally quieter.

At one point Timmy was playing downstairs in the playroom and then he started to cry and call 'Mama, mama!' I started to go downstairs to see what the problem was and he was going upstairs at the same time. We met halfway the stairs, at a little platform. I was not sure what was wrong, so I asked whether he had hurt himself and took him on my lap.

Well, the moment I took him on my lap, I immediately knew what was wrong: he had poop everywhere!!! A real blowout diaper! On his legs, on his feet, on his belly, on his t-shirt, on his hands! Gads! Of course now it also was on me :-( The joys of parenthood :-)

Sander and I started cleaning Timmy and me up and then we noticed Cees standing at the top of the stairs with this special look in his eyes that usually means that he has to throw up.... So we asked him whether he has to throw up. He was not able to answer, what is usually a bad sign.

So I ran upstairs, carried him to the kitchen and started to locate cloth diapers. When I put him down, I noticed that I still must have poop on my hands, since it now also was on Cees's t-shirt :-( I was just in time to catch the first wave of throwing up, a lot, so I had to change cloth diapers. He threw up in 4 waves, 3 of them a lot.

During that time Sander had managed to clean most of Timmy. We thought this was a good time for them to have a bath :-)

So we put them in the bath, which went pretty well. We put in oatmeal to help Cees with his chicken pox. During their bath, Sander went downstairs to investigate where Timmy was when he got his blow-out diaper. On top of the Mutant Ninja Teenage Turtles Sewer Hockey table!!!! (that we had to buy when I took Cees with me to garage sales and he saw it :-) It was only $4 so that was OK with me) (It is a table with Turtles and other creatures that all have a hockey stick and that can be moved around to hit the hockey puck. So there is a lot of openings for poop to get inside :-( ) Luckily Sander was able to clean it, but it took him pretty long.

Then they wanted out of bath and I put them in a towel and put them on a sofachair. While they were sitting there, Cees got his infamous look again and yes, sure enough, he had to throw up again! But this time I was not in time to catch it, but luckily it all hit the towel. Now we just needed to get him out of the towel without getting the vomit on Cees or on something else.....

The remainder of the day was pretty 'normal', with only Timmy falling one tooth through his tongue (not whole the way through luckily) and one minute later Timmy falling another tooth through his lip......

Now they are both in bed, Timmy asleep, Cees not yet. But that is after Cees was close to throwing up for about half an hour tonight and then at last threw up again, 3 waves this time. It happened while he was playing behind the computer. We were in time to catch at least. So after that episode we waited a little while, gave him a drink, gave him his medicine and got him into bed (with a lot of protests) Of course now we still have to see whether he throws up tonight. He might actually, when I listen to his breathing...

I hope this story explains why we always have tons of laundry :-)

Am I crazy for wanting a third one???? :-)

Karen, mom to Cees (3yo) The Spotted One and Tim (23mo) who will most likely have chicken pox on his BIRTHDAY! :-(

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