Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Scales

Yesterday, I had my van soooooooooooo full with thrash. Not only my own, but also quite a lot from my neighbor, who is moving out. We arrrive at the dump, the attendant takes one look at the contents of the van, and tells me that today I can go on the scales. They use those to weigh dump trucks before and after dumping. I felt like I was told I could play with the big boys now. No puny 3 or 4 garbage bags for me, this was the real work ^^

Eleven dollars, not bad for the amount of stuff we had. Today made another dump run. When we moved into the house, there was this horrible, ugly, old, big dishwasher in the basement, filled with dirty hoses. I knew the best way to deal with it was just to ignore it (At that point it was the fifth move within a year and I was very pregnant with Kate, the basement was not very high on my priority list.).

After ignoring it for eight years, today was the day of actually disposing of the monster. It was not easy to get it up the stairs, but we did it. Turns out that this counted as metal recycling and it was FREE. I had some other thrash, but all together, today was only one ticket (is $1). And I am sooooooooooooooo happy to have the stupid dishwasher be GONE.

We can see a tiny bit more of the basement floor now, so much thrash, so little time ^^


Annelies said...

Maak je weer eens een foto? dan kunnen we zien hoe je opschiet. (En blij zijn dat het ónze kelder niet is ;-))

harri saptadi said...

our ancient 'civilizations' ancestors must be awesome.... they produced NO trash whatsoever.