Monday, July 10, 2006

Please Send Good Thoughts to my Father-in-law

He has been admitted to the hospital and does have a DNR on him. He is not expected to last very long :( He is older, but always was very active. A few weeks ago, he got pneumonia, which he struggled with, but seemed to recover from. After he got over the pneumonia, his heart problems really played up though. Badly enough for him to be out of breath even when going from his bed to the bathroom. He had to stop and rest for three times on his way there.

Yesterday, he was admitted to the hospital again, and turns out his kidneys have given up too. Bad.

Please send good thoughts to him for a peaceful passing.

I wish we had the passports, they should arrive any day now. Hubby is going to fly to the Netherlands as soon as possible, hopefully will be able to say goodbye to him while he is still alive.

Things which make you go 'hmmmm': Last night, Erik, out of the blue, told my friend that his grandpa was dying, and was she really sad about it? I never talked to him about this though, especially since I only heard this morning how bad things were. I had no clue last night, I thought he was still slowly recovering, but doing fine, considering.


Annelies said...

He meid toch! Da's schrikken! Ik hoop dat de paspoorten snel opschieten!!
Sterkte ermee. Dan is afstand toch opeens erg lastig.

ma said...

Sorry to hear this. I'll be keeping Dh and you in my thoughts. I hope he is able to get there in time!

Annalise said...

I'm so sorry.

Jody said...

Prayers for your FIL and for a safe trip for Sander.