Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Few Birthday Pictures

Jane had a great birthday, she now is the proud owner of her very own kimono. She got some cheap fans to go with the kimono, and a chinese friend brought her a real sandalwood fan, so pretty. I love the smell of sandalwood.

She got a mp3 player (a cheapie at kmart) and a 'makeup chick' barbie... And the inevitable doggie gameboy game, they are really into Nintendogs. She had a few friends over to help celebrate, and it looks like we'll have to plan the dreaded 'shopping for matching outfits' expedition soon.

I have been thinking back to her pregnancy. I got pregnant pretty fast after Tara was born, it seemed too good to be true. For the longest time, I thought this pregnancy was not going to work out, but it did. We even tried listening to her heartbeat with a doppler at 12 or 13 weeks, because I was so worried. Couldn't even find it, which didn't help. Tara and Jane are only 13 months apart, they are my closest spaced kids. It was hard when they were still little, but it is perfect now.

Jane was the my second unattended birth. At Tara's birth, the midwives didn't quite make it in time, but they assured me that they had never missed two births of the same mother. Well, after Jane, they had. At least this time they made it before the placenta was born.

Jane was my second water birth, I still think back fondly to the kiddie pool we used. Tara was an 'accidental' water birth, but for Jane we planned it this way. The only thing we hadn't planned was inflating the kiddie pool, so Sander was doing that while I was in pretty strong labor already. Lesson learned: inflate birthing pool in advance ^^

She wants to be an artist when she grows up, I think she will do well as an artist. We'll see whether she holds on to this plan or chooses another path in life. When she was smaller, she wanted to be a vetinarian, but I haven't heard her about that for a long time. I think she also wanted to be a doctor at some point.

Makeup chick...

Tim eating birthday cake...


rachel said...

gorgeous pictures - I love the kimono and fan!

The girls and I say Happy Birthday!

You're on my list of people to visit when I feel better.

Shel said...

She looks beautiful in her Kimono! Happy Birthday Kate!

Shel said...

Oops, I mean Jane, LOL;-)

Kathy said...

Happy belated Birthday to Jane. I can't believe how big your kids are getting (not sure why though since mine are getting big too, but it seems easier to see it in other's kids)

I remember a picture you posted years ago on TOK or a link or whatever with all your little ones in matching striped pj's and now look at them. sigh.

Glad she had such a good day.

My sympathy on the loss of your FIL.