Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Our Yard in Pictures

One of the big reasons I liked this house, was that it has a really nice big plot for a suburban location. We have an acre, and over the years, I am planting more and more veggies and fruits, so we will eventually get tons of our own produce each summer.

Maybe one or two more weeks and we'll have our first home grown tomatoes.

I want to plant some more blueberry bushes, I just love, love, love fresh, sun warmed blueberries right from our own bushes.

A few years ago, I dug this pond, it has been a source of a lot of joy and entertainment for the kids and myself.

We have a bunch of very fat and happy frogs living in our pond.

We have flowers too, but only ones which are resistant to neglect and are more weed like than flower like ^^ I am not much of a flower person, I like them, but I don't want to spend too much time on growing them.

More berries. Such a wonderful yard.


Yasser said...

seems like a terrific yard. so you grow all your vegetables and fruits there?

O_Scientist said...

I don't really grow enough to grow everything we need for the summer. But we do grow enough that between yard, CSA box, and farmer's market, we barely buy any fruit / veggies at the supermarket during the summer / fall season.

And I grow enough that the kids can just go out and eat berries fresh from the bushes, a kids dream.

We also have apple trees, but I haven't been very successful in those. Over the last four years, we have had exactly ONE apple from it. Which we ritually cut into seven pieces and divided over the kids ^^

I keep hoping that they will start producing. Hope springs eternal.

Annelies said...

Hé, mooie foto's!! Ergens inspiratie opgedaan? ;-))
Leuk he, de tuin? Ik kan er ook uren kijken. Ik kijk het de grond bijna uit ;-) En dan heb ik nog maar een heel bescheiden (zeg maar klein) tuintje.