Thursday, October 02, 2003


My inlaws will arrive a few hours from now!!! WAAAAAAAAH!!! I do like them, but I am totally stressed about getting the house ready. To the point of fighting with Sander about a stupid nothing, and bursting into tears to top that. How's that for hormonal? LOL

The house looks totally fine in my opinion, but I just know that my MIL will still find fault with it. Why do I even let it bother me? I know I shouldn't, and still I do. I guess there's some room for self improvement here LOL.

Jane is over her sickness, but now Tara got it. She complained that her head was feeling like she was getting a fever. She didn't have one yet, but about half an hour later, it was there. I told her it was good that she could figure out in advance that she was getting sick. Oh well, at least this illness usually lasts about a day, so not too bad.

The good thing about stressing over inlaws, is that I don't have as much time to stress about my pregnancy :-) But I have to admit that every time I feel a bit better, I immediately start wondering and worrying. Luckily I feel sick and tired most of the time, so that's good :-) Today I even spent some time in bed, which is very unusual for me to say the least.

I didn't feel like cooking, but I did need to get rid of some tomatoes which were attracting fruit flies, so I ended up making a simple tomato soup. I think I could have done with one hot pepper instead of two though, dh complained that it was too hot. I thought it was just fine, just a nice, strong, spicy overtone :-)

I drooled over my bulbs, but didn't actually plant any yet. Most of them are outdoor ones, but I also got some indoor ones, paper white narcissus and amaryllis, to perk up the house this winter. And there is garlic and some shallots, which will be fun to harvest next year. I got a bed prepared for the garlic already, still have to decide where to put the shallots.

It is getting colder. You definitely can feel that winter is getting nearer. I was hoping to dry some more herbs and mint and such before the first frost, but I might be too late already. If I am not, I guess I better get busy tomorrow, because there can't be much time left before it hits!

OK, off to pick up the inlaws, it's almost midnight, which will feel like 6am local time to them, so they must be exhausted! I don't think they will do much talking (or complaining :-) tonight.

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