Friday, October 24, 2003


Today the snow had melted, phew! It was sunny, but cold, our highs were in the low 40s. I got some outside stuff done. Got my rosemary inside, so that it will survive the winter. I got four rosemary plants two years ago. I knew that they might not survive the winter here, so in the fall, I dug out 3 of them, and took those inside. The last one I left outside, but I put a lot of mulch on it, to see whether that would help it to survive the winter. It didn't. So I had 3 plants left, which I planted outside again in the spring. They grew a lot over the summer, so I have 3 big and healthy rosemary plants in my kitchen window now. Makes the kitchen smell really nice! As an after thought, I also took some oregano, parsley, thyme, and sage inside. I don't know how well that will work, but I figured I could as well give it a try.

I did some more cleanup work in the yard, the compost pile is a lot bigger now, and the veggie beds a lot emptier. I tied a bunch of corn stalks together to put next to our front stairs as a decoration. I like the way it looks. And the fact that it was free :-) Found another pumpkin that I have missed before, put that with the other pumpkins in our front yard. Getting more and more ready for Halloween :-)

I had to get the kids up early today, since it was pickup day for our coop. We are able to get lots of stuff in bulk for good prices. Bulk grains, nuts, TVP, all kinds of good stuff. Organic cereal a lot cheaper than in the supermarket. And the great thing is that I get the catalog in the mail, and then can put my order in via email, late at night, at my own convenience. Then a week later, I go and pick up all the stuff that I ordered. I really like this system.

Today, I baked daily bread, but that was all the baking I did. Tonight we actually got Chinese take out, so at least we would have some real food again, and a few leftovers. I didn't eat much, but I did enjoy what I was eating, especially the fried tofu with veggies. After supper, I had a nice neighborhood walk with one of my neighbors. I had missed my morning walk for a few days, because of rain and snow, so this was perfect timing.

One more week till the 11.5wo miscarriage date, I am still a bit worried about it all. I am sick and tired, but worried nonetheless. So I am writing to keep my mind off things, the gardening today helped too. There won't be too many more gardening days though, it's getting colder and snowier. I guess that's why I started the writing again, so I have something inside to keep my mind off things.

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