Tuesday, October 14, 2003

NINE Weeks!!!!

And I am still having symptoms!!! Maybe this one will work out! I am feeling tired and nauseous, but then start doubting myself. What if I am not really tired and nauseous, but just am playing mindgames with myself? Since I so badly WANT to be tired and nauseous? Maybe I would have lots of energy if I just didn't pretend that I felt tired? It's a long road, getting through the first trimester...

Last night some one told me that I looked really tired, which made me feel better again. If somebody else sees it, maybe it's true after all! LOL And yesterday morning, I had my morning walk, got the inlaws out of the door, fed the kids, and then went right back to bed, because I was so tired. Still doubting myself though, I guess that will last at least till I start feeling the baby kick.

The inlaws are gone again for a few days. It's nice to have our house back to ourselves for a few days. Although I do miss the dishwashing she has been doing. I don't think I miss the vacuuming, that was just too often for my comfort level LOL. My house looked a big mess again today, much more normal :-) But I got the boys to clean it up, which was part of a long standing agreement, that I finally decided to start cashing in.

More than two years ago, they really really really wanted a gameboy, and we worked out a deal that they would get a gameboy, if they would work on cleaning up the floors every day, for the three months that I am always totally exhausted when pregnant. At that point, I thought that I would get pregnant soon, so it seemed like a good idea to do it this way. They got their gameboys, but I did not get pregnant. And after a while, I did get pregnant, over and over, but never reached the exhaustion part, since I would miscarry pretty soon after finding out. Even with my longer pregnancy, in which I made it till 11.5 weeks, I never reached the exhaustion part to have them start working on their part of the deal.

Today, I had been outside with a friend, and when I came in, I just was totally disgusted with the way the living room looked. Pillows, toys, pieces of paper, scissors, even cereal everywhere! Yuck! Was a bit much, even for me. I wondered whether I should start picking up, or whether I should enlist help. The help idea won :-) So I told the boys that today was the first day of their three months of cleaning! They groaned a bit, but did it anyway :-) And I am happy that I am finally in a position to have their part of the deal being done. It has been a long long two years to get here.

Two sick kids, Kate has croup, Tara was just throwing up and throwing up. I hope they will feel better tomorrow, there will be homeschool club and there's karate in the afternoon. No time to be sick :-) Both seem a lot better now than they were this morning though, so I hope it will all work out.

The inlaws will be back Thursday night, and then leave for the Netherlands on Monday or so. I guess I'll have to run a vacuum through the house before they are back, and maybe having the dishes done will be nice too :-)

This morning I had a bad craving for potato pancakes, so I made those, and added some fried tomatoes as a side. Yummy yummy yummy. The rest of the day I haven't felt like eating much though, so I guess it's good that I got that in.

This afternoon I planted the remainder of the bulbs. I think we must have a total of 900 to 1000 bulbs in the ground now, looking forward to spring to see them all bloom! We will have a lot less crocuses than I thought we would have though... The squirrels discovered them, and dug them all up, so there are tons of neat little holes all over the lawn, and you can see fat squirrels sitting there, happily munching on yet another tasty crocus bulb.... I never had that problem when planting them in groups (one big hole) I think because the grass is more on top of them then. But those were planted individually by my MIL, and that seems to be easier for the squirrels. Oh well :-)

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