Saturday, October 25, 2003

The Last Farmer's Market

A bit sad, it will be May next year before they start up again. I was determined to make it today, and just hoped it wouldn't be snowing like it was last year. Well, it wasn't snowing, but it was COLD! But we just could not miss the last market. I didn't really need any more vegetables, actually I have mostly been ignoring everything like that for the last few weeks. I don't even know whether I still want to open my veggie drawer LOL I just have been way too exhausted and sick to cook anything good.

The kids usually eat croissants at the bakery there, but this time I told the kids that they could have whatever they wanted. So they ate chocolate croissants, cookies, and sticky buns, made them very happy :-) Afterwards we got hot chocolate, I myself went for the hot cider. Helped with getting a bit warmer, but I never really got back to normal temp till I was in the car again and could put the heat on HIGH lol

I also got some goat cheese, and organic cheese. And a pumpkin pie, which I will freeze till Thanksgiving, one less thing to bake, which is good right now LOL.And sticky buns with nuts, so I could make grilled stickies tonight, some one had pasted a link to those a few days ago, and of course I had been craving them ever since. I have to admit that they are GOOD!

Time to go home, drop off the kids, and get some stuff done on my own. I bought a new dresser for Kate, since the old one was really falling apart. As in drawers collapsing EVERY time you opened them. As opposed to them only collapsing once a month or so in the beginning, and then once a week a year later LOL. When I told her that I was going to get a new dresser to replace the old one, she burst into tears. Which puzzled me till I figured out why she was crying... She was convinced that we were going to get rid of the old dresser WITH all her clothes! So she wouldn't have anything to wear anymore LOL.

Found a nice, sturdy one which was a lot cheaper than most of them, and brought it home. Now I just need to clean out the old one, and get rid of all the stuff that's too small for her, and then we can fill the new one. so she will be able to get out her stuff without everything collapsing! Such an improvement on our quality of life!

I got some good looking trail mix at the supermarket, thinking that that might help with my nausea. I took it with me on my shopping trip. Turned out that it mostly made me more nauseous and very thirsty on top of that. So much for that theory! Gave the rest of the trail mix to Sander, lucky him LOL. It was too spicy and nutty for the kids, otherwise they would have gotten stuck with it :-)

And I am still soooooooo tired, which makes me happy. I might actually go to bed early tonight, which should get me a lot of sleep in combination with the time change!

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