Thursday, October 23, 2003


I was NOT ready for it yet. Not that I ever am, but this seems early even for New England. And yesterday wasn't too bad, it was snowing, but at least it didn't stay on the ground. But this morning I woke up to a totally white world!!! Amazing! And hopefully not a sign of things to come, last winter was snowy enough, we are due for a less snowy one this time! This time of the year, I really think we should move somewhere South!

I have been craving Apfel Strudel for a while, but somehow never seem to get around to making it. So what do I do, today of all days, which was a full day already anyway? Yes, I decided to make Apfel Strudel! It is not something I have done very often before. Actually the only one time I have tried it, I used whole wheat flour, and I blamed that when I couldn't roll out the dough thin enough to make a good strudel LOL.

Actually it turned out pretty nice. I used white flour this time, since I think that was part of the trouble with the last failure. And I still couldnt' get the dough as paperthin as I wanted it. And it seemed that there was too much filling for the dough (maybe because I didn't stretch the dough enough) But it tasted great! And three kids ate some of it, which is a miracle all by itself!

Of course, doing this, delayed our trip to the shoe store. We needed to get new ballet and tap shoes for dance lessons. And when we finally made it there, they didn't even have all the right sizes, geez! Time was ticking though, so we bought some, and decided to try to make do with older, a bit smallish ones for the ones still missing. Quick supermarket visit to pick up a FAST lunch and then about eight minutes to actually eat that lunch and try to find the old ballet shoes. Which were lost. I shouldn't have been surprised. We tore apart the whole house and finally located them in the costume box...

We made it to the dance class, only ten minutes or so late. What a good impression for our first class. My three girls did this class, and they did have a great time though, notwithstanding the stress we had before getting there. It's a class divided in tap, ballet and jazz, so they get a bit of everything. And the good thing is that they all still have lots of room for imrovement! :-)

Another quick stop at home, this time to eat a snack and then off to karate, where Jane had belt testing for the very first time. She had a white belt, the beginner one, but now is the proud owner of the next higher belt, an orange one! She is very, very proud, and very, very happy! She did a great job, I was amazed how well she remembered her kata. It was a bit challenging to watch the belt testing with Erik jumping around, he was not into sitting still and watching quietly. Now that was a surprise LOL.

Finally home and not having to go anywhere! I collapsed in bed with a good book,although the kids insisted on having dinner anyway, so I had to get out again :-) My dinner consisted of Apfel Strudel and sheep cheese. Well, it does have protein and calcium right? And the apples do have vitamin C.

I rewrote one of my old articles on potty training and sent it out to a bunch of local parenting publications. It felt like a huge step! Nothing might come out of it, but somehow I had been paralyzed by the thought of actually sending out articles. I seem to have passed that hump now, and I feel all geared up to send out lots of stuff. It's something I can do while sitting on my butt, unlike cleaning the house or cooking food :-)

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