Tuesday, September 30, 2003

SEVEN Weeks!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! That is over halfway the first trimester! I still feel very, very, very tired, and pretty nauseous. We decided to eat the pineapple for lunch today, most of the kids liked it. We do not eat fresh ones very often, so this was a treat. I got some of it, but most of it disappeared pretty fast. That was ok, my craving for it was gone anyway :-)

I had lots of visitors today, always fun. Of course, that meant that I didn't get to work on getting the house ready for my inlaws. Not that I would have worked on it otherwise, but hey, this is as good an excuse as any, right? LOL The thing is that they don't know yet that I am pregnant, so can't use that as an excuse for them. We want to tell them in person, but they first will see the sorry state the house is in before we will tell them. Oh well.... It's not good to stress out about this, right, better for the baby to just relax and ignore the housework :-)

my daffodills this year
Tonight, I got 3003 bulbs delivered to my house! Those are the bulbs you plant now, for beautiful flowers in the spring, tulips, daffodills, crocuses, and lots of others. We did a bulb coop with a bunch of friends, and I was the lucky coordinator who got them all delivered to my house :-) So only 755 of the bulbs are mine, the rest are for others. I will spend a lot of time digging holes over the next few weeks. Tomorrow I will start distributing the bulbs, I have a friend come over early to help me sort them all out. I love bulbs, the snow will cover them all, and they will be invisible, but I know they will send out their flowers after the snow melts. It feels like a kind of victory over winter!

Today Jane got Erik's illness I think. She had a very restless night, waking up every hour or so, complaining that her eyes hurt. She got up at 6:15am or so, had some breakfast and then fell right back asleep on the couch. She had a fever, but she did feel better at night when we made pizza (yes, with help of all the litttle ones again.. :-) I hope she will be over it tomorrow, Wednesdays are our busy days. Homeschool hike and gymnastics in the morning, karate in the afternoon. And I guess I should do some more cleaning too.

Today a good friend wrote to me 'Place your finger on the side of your neck and find your pulse. Every time you feel it throb, nutrients are being whooshed through the uterus to nourish your baby.' I love that image, and I have been doing it a lot since reading it. Very positive and powerful imaginery!

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