Monday, September 22, 2003

spiderweb in fog

Urinary Frequency

I have found, that pregnancy makes me pee much more frequently. I swear I have peeing every 2 minutes, it seems. When I had to run to the bathroom to pee for the umpteenth time today, I told my 4yo how the baby made me pee more often. She thought for a few seconds and then said 'It's ok when the baby pees in your tummy, right? Because there is no bathroom in there!' I agreed that yes, it was ok for the baby to pee in my tummy. Then she came with 'And when the baby pees in your tummy, that makes you pee more!' LOL, yes, that must be it, it makes perfect sense :-)

Today I finished harvesting the potatoes!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!! That feels good! They are all washed now, and being cured! And tonight I am going to make potato leek soup, from our own potatoes, leeks, carrots, celery, and herbs! That will taste good! It will be accompanied by freshly baked honey/oats/whole wheat bread. Yummy!

I hiked to the beaver pond this morning. I find that once I enter the woods, a feeling of serenity descends on me. There is a sense of homecoming, a feeling of rightness. I love smelling the fresh woods smell, hearing all the nature sounds around me. And of course, seeing the wildlife makes things even better.

I didn't see as many birds today as I did last time. But I saw a winter wren, which I have never seen before. Very cute, very tiny, very special! I was glad I saw her. It was a magical morning anyway, because it was very foggy. There were lots of spiderwebs with drops on them, making them stand out in between the long grass stalks. And I almost couldn't see the other side of the beaver pond, which added to the feeling of magic too.

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