Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Knitting Lego Bricks

Tired, tired, tired, tired!!! I love it! :-) I was really sick this morning too, I still relish in all the physical signs of pregnancy. The sicker, the better! :-)

beaver pond in fogI did yet another hike to the beaver pond this morning, and finally remembered to bring my camera. I saw a cat bird, and warbler type bird, but I couldn't figure out which warbler it was. It was yellowish, I think it might have been a yellow warbler, but somehow it didn't seem yellow enough. I couldn't find any other pics in my bird book that matched it exactly either though, so who knows. It was fun to watch it, fly from branch to branch, and making little bird sounds.

I had to get back home in time though to get the kids to homeschool club, and the little ones to gymnastics. They did some drama thing. They all wrote down adjective, noun, and verb I think on pieces of paper, and then each group chose some paper to act out. They ended up acting out things like 'wet legobricks, knitting' and 'sticky zombies, running'. Or at least something like that, I am not sure, but they had tons of fun.

This afternoon, I went back to the vacuum cleaner store for the third time in about 10 days. My vacuum cleaner is broken, and they were supposed to get the right part in today... Guess what? They didn't! But they really really really were going to order the right one now LOL. Well, I guess I have a good excuse to not vacuum for a bit longer :-)

This morning I was extremely nauseous, and this afternoon I almost fell asleep sitting in a chair outside. I am taking these as good signs :-)

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