Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Our pond

FIVE weeks!!!!

Five weeks today!!!!!!!!!!!! When I make it till midnight tonight, I will be past 88 % of my miscarriage dates, whew! The later miscarriage was at 11.5 weeks, so it will be a while before I past that date. But that's ok, because I am nog going to miscarry this pregnancy anyway. This is my keeper baby!

I had two friends over today, always fun. The kids played together, we chatted together, and we admired the pond. The pond that came into being when digging yet another vegetable bed in June, and finding this huge rock. I finally got it out (OK, maybe dh did do the actually getting out :-) When the rock came out, I was left with this huge hole in my yard. I looked at it and thought that I could either fill it in again, or... I could make it into a pond!!!! The pond idea won :-)

We also decided to harvest one of the volunteer watermelons (sprouted from the compost pile). I was not totally sure whether they would be ready, they were still light colored. But they had been like that for a while, they sounded hollow, and they were yellow on the bottom. All signs that they could be ripe. So we harvested, took it into the kitchen, watched it, and got ready to do the first, ritual cut. Uggggg, it was HARD!!! Like cutting a rock!!! I started to doubt that it really could be ripe. I had my friend try, and she had a hard time too, but finally did get it cut.

Hmmmmmm, this does not look very watermelon-y..... Actually, it looks way more like some kind of squash! But hey, I was so sure that this was a watermelon? How could it have turned into a squash??? LOLOL. But that's ok. I still have another one outside, from a different plant, that's small, but dark green, and I am totally convinced that that one is a real water melon! Guess what happened? Yep, another squash LOL. Oh well, I scooped out the seeds, and roasted it in the oven, so I can make some Moroccan stew tomorrow.

Later today, we went to the pet store to get some new goldfish for the pond. A few weeks ago, we got six of them, but four of them died within the first few days :-( The other two have been doing great though, so I thought it was time to get new fish. We got eight of them today (luckily they are cheap :-) and released them in our pond. It was amazing how much our 'old' goldfish had grown already, they are a lot bigger than the new ones. It's fun to see all the pond life swimming around now. We have at least four frogs too, but they volunteered, didn't need a pet store to provide those :-)

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