Friday, September 19, 2003

Apple Picking

Yesterday, we went apple picking, always fun. We went together with a friend, and a great time was had by all. Although I was sitting in the grass, in the nice sunshine, and I just felt myself getting tired. I even started yawning, I think I must have yawned 10 times within 5 minutes or so. My friend must have thought that she was really boring me :-)

My friend wanted to buy donuts to go with the apples, and apple cider, but it turned out that they weren't selling donuts. We solved that by baking our own donuts when we came home. They were a huge success with the kids, even my most picky eater likes them.

One of our pond frogsIn the afternoon, I spent some time sitting next to my pond, and watching the fish. I would like to know whether they all are doing well. I did see three frogs, and a total of 7 fish at one time. Of course that doesn't mean anything, all 10 could be ok. But I haven't seen Ugly-in-the-Pond for a while, wondering about him.

I really enjoy sitting next to the pond, and watching the pond life. There was a dragon fly who kept coming back to the pond, hovering over it, and landing on the rocks. I heard the sounds of crickets all around me. There was a squirrel chattering away in a nearby tree. Blue jays were making their customary blue jay noises, very loud. I was sitting, and relaxing, and felt myself almost falling asleep. Geez, I must have been very relaxed!! LOL

Later that day, I watched a friend's kids. This included my good luck charm baby, who was conceived after 2 years of trying to conceive, just as my little one is. I carried him around in the sling and sucked up his sweet baby vibes. He fell asleep almost immediately, I just love watching sleeping babies, so very adorable!

For dinner I HAD to have sweet potatoes slices, roasted with some salt, pepper, and garlic. Somebody had made them for the Ladies Night Out, and I got totally addicted to them! They were so good! And I couldn't stop thinking about them. Luckily I still had some sweet potatoes leftover from last week's farmer's market, so I could use those. They were so good, but still did not satisfy my craving. I am definitely going to buy more sweet potatoes tomorrow!

We harvested another water melon, a whole of almost 2.5 inches in diameter.... I was not totally sure whether it really would be a watermelon, after the last squash incident :-) But it was!!! An extremely cute, tiny, and ripe watermelon! Amazing!!! 4 Of the kids wanted a piece, so I ritually divided it in 4 pieces, and they eachm ate a whole quarter of a watermelon!!! :-)

Time to go to the chiropractor now, and then I want to bake some bread, we are low. Just boring whole wheat bread, nothing fancy :-) I also might make something with apples, since we picked quite a lot yesterday, but I haven't decided yet on what to bake.

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