Monday, September 15, 2003

Digging Potatoes

My potatoes!Today I spent a lot of time digging potatoes. This is the first year I am growing them, and I have been really enjoying it. It's kind of nice to see them sprout in the soil, instead of in my basement :-) Of course, I had totally overestimated how many potatoes I could grow in the space I had set aside for them. So I ended up digging two more potato beds in the spring, and then giving away the rest of the potatoes, because I was just so tired of planting them LOL .

I got a nice variety of potatoes, all kinds of colors. Blue, white, red. Some of them red inside too, others just red on the outside. This means that it is always a surprise which color potato I will dig up now. I have heard it compared to digging for gold, and that's how it feels. The excitement of finding yet another potato! Or yet another rock, which happens a lot too :-)

My oldest decided he wanted to eat french fries with all those cool potatoes. I told him to go for it, showed him how to wash and cut them (we have a french fries cutter) and he spent a few hours getting it all done. All the kids joined in with the cutting, it is fun to see the metamorphose of a potato to french fries.

Now it was my turn. I spent way more time than I really wanted frying them. That wouldn't have been too bad, if the kids hadn't come into the kitchen every 3 milliseconds to ask whether the potatoes were ready yet. But we did end up with a lot of delicious french fries, and even had enough to freeze for two other meals.

I can feel that my energy level is getting lower though, I was actually tired after digging, which I usually am not. I have to admit that I am really happy to feel that happening, all the miscarriages have really shaken my trust in my body, and feeling pregnancy symptoms develop do help me building it back up. The day after tomorrow, I will be past 88 % of my miscarriage dates! I can't wait!

Last year, I spent time digging out bushes to make room for blueberry plants. When I ended up having a miscarriage, one of my friends was saying to me 'You shouldn't have dug up those bushes, no wonder you had a miscarriage!' And here I am again, digging up potatoes, instead of laying around and resting. That's because I fully believe that miscarriages are not being caused by digging, or anything like that. If that was true, we wouldn't need abortion clinics, people could just go dig a hole! I think that a pregnancy either is all right, or it is not, and normal day to day living, including hard physical labor, is not going to change that. Actually, the digging is really good exercise for me, which has to be good for the baby too!

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