Saturday, September 20, 2003

Farmer's Market

Today was farmer's market day!!! It is a pretty small farmer's market, but lots of great produce. And the people are very nice, both the ones who are selling, as well as the ones who are walking around at the market. I have made some good friends there.

Now I finally could pick up my sweet potatoes, so that I could make more of the roasted slices that I have been craving so badly. I picked up lots of other stuff, like peppers, zucchini, honey, and winter squash. The kids always have a blast, because they first get croissants or bagels, and after that it's either homemade ice cream or lemonade. They choose.

After the market, we went to our coop's harvest festival. It included a hay ride, which always is tons of fun for every one. It also had lots of free food and drink, it's always nice to sample all the different things they have. Usually there are quite a few animals too, but today there only was a baby water buffalo, and that was it. I was a bit disappointed that there weren't any more animals, but the kids didn't seem to mind.

At home, I froze the peppers, dealt with the 3,000 tomatoes that were still waiting to be canned, making them into a tomato sauce. OK, maybe there were a few less, but still a lot LOL. But for now, there are no more tomatoes waiting on my window sill! Of course, there still are quite a lot of green tomatoes on my plants, but I am ignoring them :-)

We lost two fish today :-( Not sure which ones, I can't really tell them apart. That means there still should be eight fish in the pond. I only saw five at the same time though, so at some point I was curious, and decided to do a sweep with the net on the bottom of the deep part, since you can't really see over there. After finding at least six very disgusting looking dead worms, yuck, I decided that I would just hope that the rest was ok, but did not want to dig for them!

But on the bright side, I found an aquarium at a garage sale! It came with pump, heater, and light, and I paid a total of $2 for all that. This will enable us to get the pond fish through the winter, since the pond is not deep enough for them to overwinter in. Now I just need to hope that we will have enough fish alive to be able to use it though the winter :-)

At supper, I finally could eat my sweet potato slices. We also had corn, and veggieburgers, but I did not feel like corn at all. I looked at it, and I just couldn't bring myself to eat it. It wasn't the corn, it was me. I guess not only have the food cravings started, but so did the aversions!

Still tired, I came home from farmer's market, and harvest festival, and was ready for a nap. Now if only I could have found time for one. Oh well :-)

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