Sunday, September 14, 2003

One of our volunteer pumpkins

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere!

Pregnancy and cravings go together. But this is the first pregnancy that I have had a craving for pumpkin soup, of all things! Must be all those volunteer pumpkins growing in our lilac tree (don't ask :-)

Last Saturday, at the farmer's market, I got a good looking, organic pumpkin. It still took me till Wednesday to get around to making the soup though. It turned out really well, was very tasty, and satisfied my craving. So I froze three 2-person portions to eat some other day.

Of course, on Thursday, I figured out that the craving was not gone at all yet! I contemplated defrosting some soup, but figured that a 2-person portion might be too big for me. So I decided instead to buy another pumpkin at next Saturday's farmer's market.

On Saturday, I was desperate enough to buy TWO of them! And a baby one... Because Erik (2yo) was holding it and saying 'We have never had a baby pumpkin before!' I couldn't resist him :-)

Today, I got the soup made. Finally!!!!!!!!! Ended up with about two gallons of pumpkin soup. While I was cooking it, I felt the craving go away LOL. It still tasted good though, and this time I was smart enough to freeze a lot of 1-person portions too!

I also have had pumpkin dreams this week, although I have to admit that I have no idea at all what those pumpkins were doing in my dreams, but maybe they were the ones that caused my craving???

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