Saturday, July 26, 2003

Beaver pond turtle on rock

More Beaver Pond Musings

After my deer experience last week, I went back to the beaver pond a few days ago. This time I was there in the morning, and the sun was out, shining on rocks in and around the pond. Suddenly, I saw a small painted turtle on a rock close by. It was stretching its neck and enjoying the sun. After a few minutes, more and more turtles showed up, it was almost magical. No sounds of them, they would just crawl out and sunbathe.

I thought how those turtles symbolized the nice, strong eggs I am ovulating. Not only that, but there were lots of dragonflies dancing around, frolicking here and there, and landing to sunbathe. The really cool looking ones, black and white, they are called common whitetails. I thought that those dragonflies could symbolize the spirits from the babies I lost, playing around the beaver pond. I loved watching them and thinking about my lost little ones.

The beaver pond really helps me to stay grounded, and to calm down all my fears and worries. After I have visited it, I always feel stronger, and calmer. I just love being out in nature!

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