Saturday, September 27, 2003

Beautiful Butterflies

Yesterday I was just too tired to write, but today I managed to write an update again. It was farmer's market day, but I didn't even feel like buying many veggies. So I decided to buy stuff that would keep, like sweet potatoes and onions. And I got some peppers to freeze, now I just need to find the energy to actually freeze them.

beautiful butterflyThis afternoon I was sitting in my front yard, just relaxing, and there were two beautiful butterflied who kept landing on some flowers. I finally couldn't stand it any more, and had to grab my camera. So I dragged my tired body inside, and found the camera. I got two pictures in or so, and then the butterflies just disappeared!!!! Geez! I was sitting there, with my camera, waiting, waiting, and they totally refused to come back. Oh well :-)

Erik is sick with a high fever. It was 104 earlier today, now it's only 103. And here I was wondering why he was falling asleep in the middle of the day. I knew when he woke up, burning hot. I hope it's just a one day thing. He doesn't have any other symptoms, just the high fever.

Yesterday, dh had his very first flying lesson. I gave him one for his birthday. He was a bit nervous, those are really small planes. But he did get to fly it, and did get to land it. Or at least, the instructor managed to give him the impression that he was landing it :-) I brought a picnic lunch and the kids and I watched his lesson and cheered him on. When he came out, I asked him how it was, and his first reply was 'Scary!!!' LOL

I have been craving a vegan variant of scalloped potatoes for days now. Today, I finally found enough energy to eat it. I enjoyed it, till suddenly the broccoli in it started tasting really bad to me, so the rest of the meal I spent trying to fish out the broccoli from my portion, like a picky kid LOLOL.

I am still pretty nauseous and very, very tired. I keep hoping that these are signs of a keeper pregnancy! The tiredness sure feels like a good sign!

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