Thursday, January 24, 2008

They Are Off!!!!

Today, we drove down to Boston, to drop off Tara and Jane at the airport. They are flying to the Netherlands, all by themselves!

We used the opportunity to get some shopping done in an Asian supermarket. There is nothing like that around where we live. Tara got some fun soda. This time it took us only fifteen minutes to figure out how to open, as opposed to the fifteen HOURS last time.

We got some goodies to eat, many to take home, and some for the girls to take on the air plane. Can't make them survive on airplane food, can we?

We took them out to dinner in an excellent Taiwanese restaurant (thank you, Adam). Not only that, a good friend came over and gave them home baked cookies and chocolate to take on the plane!

We made it over to the airport after stopping at a pastry shop for some dessert.

It didn't take long before it was time to go through security. Because they traveled by themselves, I got a pass to accompany them to the gate. I liked the reason they gave.

Did the whole security crap, while my friends were throwing sim cards into their water cups. Yes, there was water in it, why? They also parked the van in such a way that Adam only could climb out via the window. AND forgot where they parked the darned vehicle. We wandered around aimlessly for many hours before we finally found it.

But who cares, since sublime knitting was being done.

Meanwhile, I waited with the girls for boarding, which went pretty smoothly and painless. I had to stay at the gate till they were actually air borne and then we finally made our way home. That is, after paying another $18 for parking, bringing our total for the day up to $38. Parking in Boston is not cheap.

Time to sit down with my new green tea. I got a nice new collection of a variety of teas. Looking forward to trying them all over the next week.

I bought two durians too. I had hoped to find dragon fruit, but I didn't.

One of the things I will miss with the girls gone, is seeing Tara in the kitchen in the morning. She likes making pancakes or waffles.

I hope they will have a great time! They will be gone for two weeks.


Anonymous said...

At least they will be out of the snow for two whole weeks!

I doubt my kids will ever know what it is like to have to dig your way out of your house, to your vehicle, in thick layers of virgin snow... Snow will be extinct in the Netherlands, rather sooner than later!

Hope they enjoy ther visit over here though.

Anya (who reads your blog now and then, wondering why we can't have homeschooling in the Netherlands. It does seem to have its merits...)

Meritt said...

I love the reason given for the gate accompaniment! "Um" LOL.

(Mine spelled out the unaccompanied minor but I like your version better).

We got to accompany our daughter to the gate when she flew to London a few weeks ago to. I was so happy! They let me, her Dad and her boyfriend all go - assuming we all had our picture id's (we did).

Annelies said...

Ik zal naar ze uitkijken hier! Waar in Nederland gaan ze heen? Voor je het weet zie je hun foto op MIJN weblog ;-))