Wednesday, January 09, 2008

They Took My Money! ^^

Today, the USCIS cashed my check which I sent in with my naturalization paper work. This must be a good sign, right, would assume that the whole envelope has arrived and they are processing it now.


- 2004: Printed forms, looked at them, and was going to fill them out tomorrow.
- Dec 20, 2007 : Guiltily remembered how long it had been and tried again.
- Dec 31, 2007 : Mailed naturalization papers
- Jan 9, 2008: Check was cashed.

Next step, as far as I can tell, will be fingerprinting. I have to wait for their letter to tell me where to go.

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Jody said...

This kitty looks just like the one we had and had to recently put to sleep. All the kids were going "Whaaa, we miss her!" when they saw this picture.