Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Naturalization Saga, Part IV

Today, I got my Fingerprint Notification. I am supposed to be in Manchester on January 30. Cool, I was ready to go out geocaching anyway ^^

- Dec 31, 2007 : Mailed naturalization papers
- Jan 9, 2008: Check was cashed.
- Jan 13, 2008: Got I-797C, Notice of Action ("We got your money and will contact you within 365 days")

Not bad at all! This is going faster than I had feared. Of course, they are not really going to start the naturalization part of the process till the fingerprints are in, but things are having a good flow to them so far.


Jody said...

I LOVE that heron piece! Cory would love the alligator!

Well, it sounds like the process is moving right along! Hopefully it will continue to go smoothly!

rachel said...


I, too, love the heron!

I was thinking of you becoming naturalized when I was emailing the author of "Persian Girls"

harri saptadi said...

that Wijen (Sesamum indicum) cake is called 'ondé-ondé' here.