Thursday, January 24, 2008

Safe Arrival and Rice Pudding

The girls called. They arrived safely and early and are at their grandmom's house now. Since I didn't have Tara around to cook breakfast, I made a nice rice pudding with fresh persimmon and have been enjoying that. You might not believe this, but I had never before made rice pudding. After the weekend in baltimore, where we got excellent rice pudding twice, I decided that this was worth learning to cook. It is not something I grew up with, and I never realized how good it would be. My family was a meat and potatoes kind of family, we wouldn't eat weird things like rice pudding. Later, I heard about it, and it sounded good, but somehow never got into contact with it much. This weekend, that got rectified.

My first try came out pretty well. Could have been a tad more creamy, but it wasn't bad at all..

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