Thursday, January 31, 2008

Love Thursday

Today is kind of a busy day, but I wanted to post a Love Thursday post for sure. I looked in my files and found many many choices.

I decided on this picture of Tara reading, while Darkness uses her as a pillow. He was purring loudly and they both enjoyed the closeness.

This picture symbolizes several things for me.

One thing it symbolizes today, is how much I miss my girls. I am very happy that they are having a great time in the Netherlands. I am grateful for my mother in law to lovingly give them this opportunity. But boy, do I miss them!

Another thing it symbolizes, is that getting the kittens has been a great decision. They are a wonderful addition to our household, adding much love and entertainment. And the best thing today: Socks caught his very first mouse! All their pouncing is paying off!

Third thing the picture symbolizes is our freedom to homeschool. It is working out very well for our kids (yes, Kathy and Epi, there still is a homeschooling post in the making, don't worry ^^) and I am happy they just can hang out like this, reading whenever they like, whatever they like and have many relaxed hours in their days.

May your lives be filled with love as ours are. Happy Love Thursday!


Epijunky said...

What a heartfelt description to a beautiful picture. I enjoyed it completely.

And I'm waiting patiently for that homeschooling post. I know it'll be worth it ;)

Shel said...

Very nice! They look so cozy together. I'm curious about your homeschooling too...I've always assumed that you were "unschoolers", but you've never said much about it so I wasn't sure.