Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Back Home from Baltimore

Just came home from a wonderful weekend in Baltimore.

I met good friends. Ate excellent food. Wandered around Fells Point. Oh, and played some go.

At night, I was happy to be able to decide on the pillow which was just right for me. Since selecting my pillow always has been An Important Thing in my universe. Right up there with selecting just the right colour for the hand towels in my kitchen.

I bet you will never guess what else I did at night. I went into the bath room. Turned on the tap. Filled the bath tub. Stepped in. Laid back. And NOBODY EVER knocked on the door, saying things like 'Mama? Could you please cut some bread?', 'Mama, Darkness just puked all over the couch.', 'Mama, Tara is purposely annoying me!'. It was a bit unsettling, but I wasn't going to question my luck. Such bliss.

It was fun to be away for a weekend, but it's even better to be home again!


Keppy said...

I love Baltimore!! Yummy food, and fun times... I especially love the bookstore at the Inner Harbor and to eat at Phillips while I'm there. Mmmmmm crab... lol

chris said...

Yes, coming home is always nice :-)

Jody said...

That is absolutely sinful that you got a bath all by yourself. I have to lock my bedroom door and listen to knocking and whining through the whole bath.

Sounds like a wonderful trip!