Friday, January 25, 2008

First Pictures from The Netherlands

Tara and Jane were really tired, slept from 4pm to 9am, and went shopping at Albert Heijn. Sounds like they were having a great time. Here are some pictures.

Arriving at Schiphol, after a long, long, long day and night. I doubt that they would have gotten much sleep in the airplane.

A real Dutch train. This reminds me of all the many hours I have spent in them when I still was in college and commuted between Dordrecht and Delft.

Dutch flower shop. One thing that shocked me when I came to the US, is how totally expensive flowers are over here. I am used to cheap flowers, and that's not what I can call flowers around here. Interesting difference.

Notice all the bikes. Another cultural difference is the prevalent use of public transportation, bicycles or walking. This was a difficult transition for me to make when I first came to the USA as it felt very wasteful for everyone to be utilizing their personal vehicles on a daily basis.


Meritt said...

I'm going to LOVE seeing the photos so feel free to post a million. :) And the next time you head back again to visit can you take me? I don't have the guts to go alone! LOL.

Jody said...

Aww. I love the first photo! Looks like they are having a blast.

Kathy said...

Wow, I hope they have a fantastic time. What an exciting adventure!

Annalise said...

When we visited the Netherlands I liked the way everyone seemed to have a bunch of flowers in their window, so people passing by could see... The bike riding was cool too. And all the people we met were really pleasant. What made you decide to settle in the US?

claire said...

What an awesome experience for the girls! My 11 yo daughter spends summers in the UK with my parents and she has such amazing life memories as a result.

I am curious about your kids' Dutch fluency. Do you speak Dutch in the home, or is it more like "Dutch-lish" :-) Your English is perfect so I can see it going either way. My hubby is Mexican and my daughter wants nothing to do with Spanish. I don't really speak it so it's that much harder. Bilingual is a beautiful thing!