Sunday, January 27, 2008

Small Accomplishment

The light in the girls room has been out for the last... few weeks? few months? few years? Well, a while for sure.

Today, I finally decided to replace the bulb. Which shouldn't be a big deal, apart from having to work over your head and realizing that your arms don't like that in long stretches. While I did it, I discovered that it seemed like it was half loose from the ceiling. I figured it would be ok (if you ignore, problems will go away, right?) so replaced it and was happy.

Till I looked at it again. And discovered it was not really half loose from the ceiling, but I managed to TOTALLY disconnect it from ceiling. It was hanging from two nothings now.


Maybe not the safest thing?

I pondered ignoring, but thought better of that.
I pondered yelling for help, but thought better of that too.

So I took apart the lamp fixture, figured out how the heck it was attached to the ceiling, eventually got it all fixed and nice, and re-replaced the bulb and the rest of the fixture.


I rock ^^


Annelies said...

Ah! Goed idee! Ik moet ook nog steeds (na 3 jaar) de lamp ophangen in mijn slaapkamer....

Wendy said...

I've got a garage door that won't open- want to try your luck on that?

Epijunky said...

You do indeed rock :)

I can't be trusted to touch anything electrical, lest I burn down our house.

Score two for you, dear :)

Shel said...

LOL! I'm impressed;-)

miceonthemountain said...

My husband is an electrician and I still have to wait for bulbs to be changed, and breakers replaced, and....