Monday, January 07, 2008

Dutch Radio

This morning, someone from a Dutch Radio Station called me 'Hello! We read on line that you live in New Hampshire, and wondered whether you are going to vote in the primaries.' I explained to them that I am still Dutch, and can't vote yet (although papers to apply for naturalization have been mailed, Yay!). They seemed to be at a loss for other Dutch people in New Hampshire, since they asked whether they could talk to me anyway.

Sure, I don't mind. Tomorrow morning, I will be on the Dutch radio, talking about the primaries. Just a few questions, won't be very long.

Funny idea, just when I am about to become American, my Dutch ancestry suddenly gets me on the air in the Netherlands.

Of course, after I talked to him, I realized I never asked which radio station. I guess that doesn't really matter anyway. And who knows, it might all not work out and nothing will come from it. Not holding my breath till it actually does happen.


Wendy said...

How'd they get your phone #?

Annelies said...

Uhhh... Dutch radio in the US or Dutch radio where I live?? Want dan ga ik luisteren!

NannyOgg said...

Het zou een gewoon Nederlands station in Nederland moeten zijn, maar zoals ik zei heb ik niet erg opgelet en geen idee welke omroep. Hij zei dat ze een ochten programma hadden van 6 tot 9, misschien dat dat helpt? Ze bellen me om 7:10 jullie tijd, dan praat ik even met de redacteur, en dan kom ik in de uitzending. Ik denk niet dat het meer dan een paar minuten zal zijn, maar toch leuk.

Wendy, from my old family page, they must have found my name (as Dutch person in New Hampshire) there, and my phone nr is easy to find once you have name.