Monday, November 06, 2006


I broke my leg...

I was being thrown at aikido, when my leg somehow got in a bad position and made a very satisfying snapping sound. Ouch! Off to the ER, in our small community hospital. The waits are really short there, but they did have to call a radiologist out of her bed to make the x-rays. Everyone was a bit bewildered when they listened to me telling them I broke my leg when somebody was throwing me ^^ They were eyeing me warily. We were making up all kinds of stories which I could use instead of this. Feel free to comment if you have good ideas. I am sure I will spend a lot of time explaining to people what happened, and it would nice to have some variety ^^

I got my very own hospital bracelet, on which the first item was my account number. Nice to see where their priorities lay. We also had to look at a big and scary looking poster on the door of the little exam room, admonishing us that we had to keep the door closed, per federal regulations. Seemed very important to them.

Good news, it's only one bone in my ankle and it is a clean break. Not very impressive. They sent me home with splint, crutches, and prescription for pain meds. The conversation went like this

Nurse 'I am here to show you how to use your crutches.'
Me 'OK'
She showing and explaining, then giving them to me to try
Me 'Great, works fine'
She 'Where are your shoes? You need shoes now'
Me 'In the bag, but I only have flipflops'
She 'You can not use flipflops, that will not do at all'
Me 'No problem, I'll go barefoot'
She 'No way you are going to leave here barefoot!'

I did anyway :)

The kids were very impressed with my broken leg and had all kinds of great ideas to help me 'We could install an elevator!' Kate reassured me 'It could have been worse, you could have broken BOTH legs!'

The kids have been enjoying the crutches.

And the apple trees? I'll take my older kids and put them to work while I supervise. The doctor did not tell me not to drive, and I was careful not to ask ^^


breezy said...

wow.... another big news.
Ok, this one is definitely bigger than apple trees. I thought it was a joke. After I read all the post, now I know it is real. How long will you be able to use your left leg again? :-) Hope it will get better soon. Oh, forget my little advice: tell them you fell down from the stairs. :P

aka_Meritt said...

Oh my goodness. Busy Mommies can't have broken legs! It's not allowed in the Mommy contract! :)

Here's to happy fast healing vibes!

Annelies said...

Meid toch ... heb jij daar tijd voor dan??? ;-)) Dat wordt verplicht go spelen en internetten ;-)
Sterkte ermee!

txmommy said...

oh no!!! I broke my ankle close to two months ago and am still recovering. It's much better but still swollen and still hurts. I just try and ignore it.

I hope you heal much quicker!

sending healing vibes your way.

chris said...

ACK!!! How awful. I hope you heal quickly and are feeling better soon!

Mosaica said...


How can I help?


Alice the Brit said...

Busy Mummy's sometimes have to break their leg in order to get to rest and have more computer time!!

Well you did say you wanted to look at the bright side of it!


Kim said...

OUCH! I guess this proves you really haven't learned to roll yet. ;o)

Hope the kids are helping you out and giving you the queen treatment that you deserve.

Recover quickly!

Kathy said...

Oh Dear Karen. I hope you heal quickly.

Jody said...

OH! Ouch Karen!!

My prayers for a fast recovery!!!