Saturday, November 18, 2006


The foot still looks pretty awful, but the good news is that I drove my car again today!

I had worried about getting in the car, but it actually was easier than I expected. It was so good to drive around again, being able to go wherever I want! I chose go club :)

The foot still is pretty swollen, and hurts, but it feels like it is healing. I have a dr appointment on the 22nd, when we will take new xrays. It will be interesting to see how much it has healed already.

Today, a friend helpfully told me that I least I would develop a lot of upper body strength. Yeah, I guess he is right. To prove that, I did a series of sixty-five one - legged pushups with Cees. Not all at the same time, but still feel good about it.

Sylvia also wants to do pushups, and it is fun to see how she does them one-legged, just like mama and Cees. She is sure that that is the right way to do pushups ^^


breezy said...

yeah...Good news!
The book is better the movie. :P

ma said...

Ouch. Glad you are able to drive. What a pita!