Thursday, November 09, 2006

Good News on My Leg

Today, I saw the orthopedic doctor. His office is totally plastered with pictures of hip replacement, knee replacement, back surgery, and more uplifting things. My fracture looked like such a nonsense, minor event compared to that.

He showed me the xrays again, it is a very clean break of the fibula. No displacement, no complications.

He gave me 4 options (ordered from lots of protection to none):
  1. A real cast, which means no showering/ baths, and has to be redone in about two weeks when the swelling goes down;
  2. Some kind of boot, which is heavier, but can be taken off to shower;
  3. An kind of air splint, light, and can be taken off;
  4. Do nothing, just use crutches. (Although he did not recommend that option)
We went with the airsplint, which is super light weight, and might even be taken off at night in a few weeks. I still can't put any weight on my leg, and I need to keep it elevated, but I can even move my foot a little.

I had not been looking forward to the whole cast experience, so I am happy I have this splint instead. The crutches still are a pain though ^^

The girls baked two cakes this morning (just for fun), yummy! And a friend is coming over to get me to go club, life is good!

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harri saptadi said...

nice! happy mother's month! :Þ
nexttime; try judo, will u.