Friday, November 10, 2006


Let's take this theoritical situation:

Object 1
: Person on crutches
Object 2: Plastic container, half filled with tea
Object 3: Sink, just far enough away that it is not reachable for the person on crutches

Proposed experiment: Throw Object 2 into Object 3, so that crutches do not need to be used. It's the smart way to do it.

Expected outcome
: Object 2 lands in object 3, and all is well.

Real world outcome: Object 2 lands in object 3, and the contents of object 2 splatter all over all the walls behind the sink... Object 1 stares at the wall and is impressed with the amount of mess can be made by a half container of tea.

: Momentum still does exist.

Mind you, this is all hypothetical, not like anything like that would ever happen at my house.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, what an event. I am always impressed with said messes as well. It is quite odd how small amounts of liquid can travel so far.