Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Don't Worry, Mama!

This morning, when I got out of bed.
Sylvia: 'I will get your crunches, mama!'
Me: 'Thank you! Do you think you could take that pair of pants off the floor for me?'
Sylvia: 'I did it!'
Me: 'Thanks, that's great.'
Sylvia, reassuringly: 'Don't worry, mama. You won't fall!'

Quiet in the house, the oldest four have gone off to homeschool club. Sylvia is awake, and trying to wake up Kate and Erik. I have tea, but not gone through the trouble of making myself breakfast yet, I guess I should. OTOH, I did get a bunch of one-legged pushups in already, courtesy of Cees :)


Brooke said...

How nice of her to get you your "crunches" that made me laugh!

txmommy said...

how sweet.

when I was on crutches my boy always had them in his hands useing them as a weapon and I was forced to do a lot of hopping. He did hand them over when I asked though:)