Monday, November 20, 2006

Saving The Day the Roomba Way!

Sending a big thank you to Want Not. Two weeks ago, she told us about the Friday sale at Amazon, which included a great deal on a Roomba. The little cute robot which runs circles through your room and vacuums it. I had told the kids about it, so they were very excited when Roomba arrived.

It didn't take long to tear open the box and find the treasure inside.

I used to enjoy putting together things like that , but no way I got any chance to touch it. The kids were way too much into it ^^

All the appropriate warnings were heeded.

And it wasn't long before Roomba was desperately trying to clean our living room floor.

I feel sorry for the little creature. Not sure whether it was designed for a nine person household with sooooo much mess. I am sure it had hoped to be adopted by some nice, upscale, urban, single guy. It often sends sad little beeps about the state of our floor and the annoyance of all the obstacles.

But I have to admit that this is a seriously cool gadget with a high kids entertainment value. It is doing a pretty good job cleaning too. It is not perfect, but it sure is more perfect than when nobody vacuums the floor (which happened more often than you would like to know).

The kids have scheduled it so that it will clean the living room every night at 2:30am. It is cool when I am still studying go, and I hear Roomba working on the living room.


aka_Meritt said...

Now if it could only dust and scrub the kitchen we'd be all set!!!!

breezy said...

cool...does it mean I will see a clean living room next time. :P just kiding.

Anonymous said...

My mom has one. I think they are so cool!!!

Annelies said...

Ik wil er ook een!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful little thing. How's it working? Is it noisy? What do you think of it?

Rachel said...

oooh, coolness. My husband was saying we had too many kid-obstacles to get one. I'm saving this post for him. If your house can use one, so can we! (er, after the carpets are done being installed, if that ever happens)