Thursday, November 09, 2006


Good news on the leg, but lots of other stress. Yesterday, Tim threw up and had dhiarrea and needed his bed changed (the top bed of bunk beds). Hubby was not happy to have to deal with that. Later, we had a bad flood (yes from a toilet) in a bathroom upstairs. Another not-happy cleanup.

Today Erik was throwing up, but luckily hubby was off to work. I had some people over for an attachment parenting meeting. The moms with their first kids immediately left after they heard Erik was throwing up... Well, at least my friends stayed and helped me some around the house, even cleaning up after Erik. It is soooooooo frustrating not to be able to do simple things like that.

Tonight Sylvia peed on hubby, and he was annoyed already before that. He is not very good at dealing with stress, and he suddenly has to do a lot more around the house than usual. I wish I could do more. In a way it is easier when he is off to work and I have the kids and friends to help.

Good thing was go club today. A friend drove me there (still haven't figured out how to get into my monster van while being on crutches) and I had a wonderful time. It was good to be out for a few hours, away from all the chaos and stress at home. Erik was fine by the time I left, it was one of those few-hours deals. I hope we don't get too many other sick kids. Not like I needed any more laundry.


aka_Meritt said...

Looks like hubby is getting a good dose of what you go through every day... I'm thinking maybe next Mother's Day you'll get something really nice now that he see's how difficult it can be! LOL.

(Of course this wouldn't happen in MY world... but I can hold out hope that your husband is a little more romantic than mine???) Ha.

Annelies said...

Een ongeluk komt nooit alleen zeggen ze toch??
Ik hoop dat er niet meer beginnen te spugen. Yuk!

Wendy said...

Hope we didn't bring this to you....

Anonymous said...

>>huge explosive sun healing bomb lobbed your way<<


Anonymous said...

Wow, I need to start reading your blog every day. We seem to be facing similar challenges. Both of our toliets quit working at the same time... coincidence? :) (Hugs)