Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Just a small thing, but yesterday, I did bake bread again. It's a pain to do without having the use of two legs, but I managed (with some kids and friends help). I feel good about it, and the family is thrilled. At least half of the four loaves have been eaten already, I might have to bake again soon.

Today is a rainy, gloomy day. I spent most of my morning doing go problems, and did yoga after breakfast (Tara made me do it ^^). Now studying other go, instead of playing mindless blitz games like the rest of the week. I need to get more grounded, I miss my aikido and my walking.

This is a picture of Sylvia eating breakfast. Kate had set her up with placemat and cute little dishes. Sylvia was thrilled. The kids have been really helpful through all this, but I am sooooooo ready to go back to 'normal'. Or whatever we call normal around here :)


Brooke said...

You sure do have a nice helpful bunch of kids don't you!

Thanks for the well wishes! I'm hoping time flies by too, it's awfullyl boring doing nothing all day....well nothing but lay around...and then running to the bathroom to throw up....that's still here too!

txmommy said...

so cute! I love her little leggings. I hope you feel better soon too.