Saturday, November 25, 2006

Falling Apart

I think reading Chris has been bad for me, somehow she has infected our house with her superior skill at destroying things.

Let's make a list of what she did to us.
  1. Hubby's car is sometimes broken, sometimes not. It works fine about half of the time, especially if you get it into the garage to get fixed. It does not want to start the other half of the time.
  2. Our upstairs bath room flooded once again with a big mess.
  3. The other bath room upstairs had a broken 'flusher thingy' so is unusable right now.
  4. My car is smoking and squealing, will have to be fixed next week and can't be used now.
  5. Cees had his first real work day at McDonalds and after a few hours, came home sick. (Can I blame Chris for that too? I am sure I can somehow)
  6. My oven seems to not be working very well anymore, or I REALLY suck at baking bread (don't bother answering that one)
  7. One of the burners of my stove has permanently stopped working.
I KNEW I should have disinfected my computer, but figured it wouldn't happen to us. I think Chris's blog should have a warning label!

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