Monday, November 27, 2006

MY Mommy!

Sylvia is growing up. When my friend Mosaica comes over, she often jokes 'MY mama!' pointing at me. Sylvia always replies with a very vehement 'NO!!! MY MAMA!!!'

Last time when she came over, Mosaica yet again went 'MY mama!' To which Sylvia calmly replied 'It is MY mommy too! And Kate's mama! And Erik's mama! And Lala's mama!' Very surprising.

She sure is growing up, she is learning to share. Amazing.

One thing she hasn't figured out yet is how to read. She used to be happy to just sit with a book and look at pictures. But for the last few months, I often see her sit with a book, and after a few pages disgustedly putting it away, muttering to herself 'I cannot READ this!' She is very annoyed that she hasn't mastered that skill yet.

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