Monday, November 06, 2006


The last few weeks, we have been living our lives at the dentist. Between the six dental age kids, we have had at least ten dental appointments last month, and at least four more to go this month. A friend told me we could just buy him a Lexus, and call it even. Good idea.

Today, Erik needed a cavity filled, and Kate had some molars sealed. Erik's filling was not easy, he was very sensitive to everything. Luckily, he is done for now, till we have to do a cleaning in six months. Kate's sealing was a bit easier. But still. I am kind of tired of spending half of my days at the dentist. Ended up paying more than $500 today for the saldo on our dental bill, the part not covered by insurance. Blech.

Now off to aikido, I need some grounding.

Tomorrow, will drive to a nearby town and pick up some apple trees. They were posted on freecycle, I am very excited!


aka_Meritt said...

Every once in a while I read or hear about certain things that make me glad I only have three children instead of the 5 or 7 that I planned on.

10 dentist appointments in 1 month is one of those times.

breezy said... trees.

I wonder what freecycle is. :-) said...
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