Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Today was kind of crazy. Started out with having to pick up my van, then take two kids to the dentist, make a stop a the bank, and at the post office. After the dentist, we went grocery shopping and got quite a lot of groceries. I stayed in the car while the kids did all the work, now that was nice ^^

Quick break at home, some lunch and off to do Sinterklaas and Christmas shopping. We stopped at a few stores, but I now can say that Christmas shopping has been DONE! Now we just need to wrap the 5,000 things we got. I figured if I had to get all the christmas things, could at least get it over in one big swoop.

Best stop was at Sears. I came in on my crutches, seven kids in tow, and took a quick look at some stoves. It didn't take long for someone to notice us and realize I would be happy to spend a lot of money here. A friend had been doing research on stoves for me yesterday, so it was a fast decision. Just spent time handing over my credit card and fill in paperwork. On Friday, it will be delivered! I will have an oven again.

We decided to get take out Chinese after all that shopping, nobody felt like cooking. And now things finally have calmed down, Sylvia even is asleep already. Full day, but I am happy that I got all the shopping done.

Oh, I did manage to get my credit card blocked by all this spending, the bank called and asked whether we really were spending THAT much money?? (paraphrased) Hubby assured them that it all was our purchases and got it unblocked, just in time for me to use it at the Chinese restaurant.

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aka_Meritt said...

That was a FULL day. You deserve some sleep. :)