Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fruit Trees

Many years ago, we planted a few apple and pear trees. Over all the years (seven and counting) we have gotten exactly ONE apple from them. An apple we ritualistically divided in pieces, so that we all could have a tiny taste.

This year, things finally looked up. We started out with a bunch of baby apples, baby pears, and even baby plums. The plums never made it to adulthood. But! Some apples and pears actually did!

Watch our harvest!

Yes, I know it's not much, and they look ugly, but they are our organically grown (read: totally ignored) fruit from our very own fruit trees. I will be dividing up apples in tiny parts again.

Ob. kids reference: the apples are from Kate's placenta tree. It was about time this one started producing, since Kate celebrated her 8th birthday this year :p

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