Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Where She Was Born

Almost three and a half years ago, this maple tree was where Sylvia was born.

A dream birth, a perfect little girl.

It is still amazing to me to see her play under that tree, after so many miscarriage losses before she joined us. I wondered whether we would ever have a seventh living child.

Every time I see this tree, I smile. Sylvia knows the story of where she was born, although I am not sure she totally understands yet.


Jody said...

Very cool. Her birth was just perfect.

I love that we both carried to term the same year. Just so special.

mathmom said...

I think she will not truly understand until she is pregnant with a child of her own. I suddenly understood all of my mother's pregnancy and birth stories then.

veganbaby said...

I love your birth story. I tell all my friends about you and your deer baby.

Kathy said...

I remember reading her birth story right after she was born. It was so perfect and I have to confess I've relayed it a few times over the years since.

You'll never want to move that's for sure.