Friday, October 19, 2007

Getting Ready for Halloween

We did Halloween shopping, and most of the kids got their costumes. I love the thrift store, lots of fun stuff (which the kids like) for almost no money (which I like)

This is not Tara's real costume yet, she is going to be Siamese twins together with her friend.

Kate is going to be a witch. She has an eye ball, so she can tell people 'Give me candy, or I will rip out your eye, just like I did to your neighbour!' I guess we still have to work some on her people skills.

Sylvia is going to be a fairy princess. Or a leopard. Or a Winnie the Pooh. Or a bee.

Jane is going to be Darkness. Erik is something Halloween-y which I can't figure out how to describe. Cees and Tim haven't informed me yet of their choices, although I might have heard something about a homicidal maniac 'who looks just like anyone else'. That would be easy dress-up I guess.

I am just happy that nobody requested home-made costumes which would involve any creative or practical involvement from me. That would have been... challenging.

I hope we can get pumpkins at the farmer's market tomorrow. It'd better not rain!

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harri saptadi said...

who's going to be 'Alice in Wonderland' this year then? Mami Karen?