Friday, October 05, 2007

Persistence and Determination

I am starting to be more and more in awe of the quiet persistence and determination my little girl can exhibit.

Last week, she was in the basement, and discovered a can of coconut milk. She decided that this would be perfect to use for making a smoothie. She took it, and brought it up to me 'Mama, can you make a smoothie?' It was past 10pm at night, so I gently explained to her that, no, I was not going to make smoothies at this time of the night. She walked away, clearly annoyed and said 'OK, then I will do it myself!'

A few minutes later, I saw her go past with can opener and can, and she disappeared upstairs.

She found Cees, and asked him to help her make a smoothie. He told her that he wasn't going to do it, but maybe she could ask Tara. She went off to find Tara. She did manage to convince Tara that this was the perfect time for a smoothie, and she happily drank it once it was done.

It was interesting to me how she never got upset, she just was very insistent till she got done what she wanted to get done.

Today, I saw another example of her persistence. She found a microscopic spot of blood on her knee, and decided she needed a bandaid. She informed me of that fact, but I didn't agree with her assessment, so I told her that I wasn't going to get a bandaid for a non-existing injury.

She whined a little bit, and then disappeared. Five minutes later, she gets back into the room, carrying a bandaid. This means, she must have climbed up on the kitchen counter to get to the cabinet where the bandaids are, and gotten one of them out of the package.

She sat down next to me, and proceeded to try to open the bandaid. I figured her dexterity wouldn't be good enough and I would eventually be the one who would have to take care of it. But no! She spent at least ten minutes doing this, but eventually, she opened the bandaid, put it on, and threw away the trash that got generated. Pretty darned good!

Persistence and determination are omnipotent!

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