Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Long Awaited Hair Cutting Pics

Before Jane decided to cut it:

During Tara's cutting / buzzing:


Sylvia observed it all, and decided 'I want to be bald too!' For a while, I gently tried to discourage here, but eventually I threw my hands in the air and said 'Fine, go for it!'

Now they all look like Erik

This is why the kids told me to post the picture of Erik, Erik, and Erik when it happened. They came up with the idea, I was happy to oblige.


ma said...

While they do look the same Jane is very beautiful "bald". She looks different and I never thought she'd look so good with a buzz but she sure does.

Sylvia and Erik are very cute.

Keppy said...

Your kids are so cute! And I love that you let them do what they want with their appearance - I'm the same way! (Though my dh takes some coaxing sometimes hehe)